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Yang Ming is leukaemia teammate contribution 10 thousand Liaoning long to long to organize justice contest raise donations
Sport net dispatch is occupied " Shenyang daily " reportThe astral king Shen of the hope that covey of Liaoning male basket moves on the beginning of the year this year will be diagnosed to be thymus tumour this year in May, cancer cell has diffused nowadays to marrow, face charge of 100 thousand yuan several medullary transplanting operation, the teammate of Liaoning male basket people the hand that reachs aid to him in succession.
King Shen height 1 meter 90, mix in Liaoning youth group national youth group all is captain. This year the beginning of the year he comes by the attune on Liaoning youth group covey, but prepare for war actively in him CBA league matches during, king Shen is diagnosed suddenly to be thymus tumour. During 11 long holidays, his illness worsens suddenly, cancer cell has transferred marrow, pathological changes became leukaemia. The doctor in charge of a case of king Shen tells a reporter, the patient's condition of king Shen is rarer, the method nowadays can await medullary transplanting operation only, but the fee of the operation is [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/cheapnikeshoes.aspx]cheap nike jordans[/url] very big, conservative estimation is in 30-50 10 thousand yuan between, only ability of operation king Shen comes down alive likely.
Because king Shen is diagnosed to give cancered moment to had not longed to expect male basket club with Liaoning,the autograph is made an appointment with, so distant basket club is not in charge of his medical treatment charge. Face the operation cost of a huge sum, king Shen was immersed in hopeless situation almost. After be informed this message, yang Ming of team member of Liaoning male basket sends king Shen 10 thousand yuan, additionally a few teammate also collect thousands of yuan medical treatment cost. Long to long for a club to engineering a justice contest at present, the hope raises money for king Shen medical expenses.

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Lunidi is handed in turn can apply for Ferguson to cry -- in new network
Graceful couplet advocate handsome Ferguson confirms on the press conference of contest of Ou Guan group yesterday, england forward Lu Ni of 24 years old will leave graceful couplet, father of old the rank of nobility feels very disappointed to Lu Ni's contradict oneself, respecting become enamoured is in hot even tear to be filled with the socket of eye.
The closest a week, lu Ni " flee " the thing held England the head of each big news media the position, 63 years old before Sujiaer of the chairman that heat up thorn discloses even, agent proposal Lu Ni of Lu Ni when the contract expires turn meeting, so that can exchange higher salary with 0 social status. Sir Su Jiaer is used even " ungrateful dog excrement " will criticize Lu Ni.
"After last sports season end, david (note: David Jill, graceful couplet is presiding apparitor) the broker that follows Lu Ni [url=http://wholesalenikeshoes.manifo.com/]wholesale nike shoes[/url] launched a negotiation. On August 14, david calls tell me, lu Ni's agent affirms him to won't sign on new contract. I was stupefied, I cannot understand all these, just had said because of the Lu Ni before a few months he is in the world's greatest club, he wants to stay all one's life here. Is we do not know what made him change think of a way? Is we do not know what made him change think of a way??
Ferguson expresses: "The history of graceful couplet club and tradition are faithfulness and advocate handsome with the mutual trust between the player. Previously, when you spread out a contract to negotiate, because the player trusts advocate handsome, always can come to an agreement very quickly, serve as advocate handsome, you often want and the parents of the player maintains connection. Yesterday, the Edwin that I ask week of 6 matches error (graceful couplet door Fan Desa) : ' do you feel now how? ' his father makes the first telephone call that after he says he is surpassed, receives. I say: ' listen to him well, he is the person that you should listen to. ' but, the circumstance of new generation player is not any more such, we must deal with those agent that live in player moneybag. This is reality. " (plum Bin)